Radiology School

General Application Procedures

1. Request that an official copy of your high school (or equivalent) and/or college transcripts be sent to the Program Director by a certain date.

2. The tuition is $1,000/year, plus textbooks.

3. Have the three character reference forms forwarded to the Program Director.

4. As soon as the program officials receive the required information, an observation session will be scheduled for you.

5. If all interview requirements are satisfactorily met, you will participate in a formal interview to be conducted by the Admissions Committee. You will be notified of the exact date of the interview.

6. All applicants will be notified by mail of acceptance or rejection by January 31at the latest.

7. The final decision of the class is left to the discretion of the Admissions Committee and Program Officials.

Radiology School

**The following are minimum physical requirements that each prospective student of the Radiology Program must be able to satisfactorily perform prior to acceptance:

A. Position the radiographic tube to 44" above the film tray/table, and be able to lift 25 pounds on a frequent basis.

B. Interpret a patientís physical needs through visual and audio assessment.

C. Read/understand a patient requisition so that a complete patient history can be recorded & an exam accurately charged.

D. Assist a debilitated/weak patient on and off of the radiographic table, into their wheelchair or stretcher, and in and out of an examining room.

E. Give clear, concise instruction to patients of all age groups, and perform in a professional manner at all times.

Last Updated: 05/21/2014