Physical Therapy School

Pre-Physical Therapy Course Requirements

Pre-Requisites definitely vary from school to school but some common course requirements are found:
  • Human Physiology with Lab-Integrative Biology
  • Anatomy with Lab-Integrative
  • English (1 semester of college level is required some Speech coursework is also recommended)
  • General Chemistry-one year, (While Organic Chemistry may be recommended)
  • General Biology -one year,
  • Math (college level)-requirements vary.
  • General Physics-one semester to one year

Other required or recommended courses include:

  • Organic Chemistry
  • Upper division Biology
  • Kinesiology
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Motor Development
  • Psychology-general, abnormal and developmental
  • Microbiology-Public Health
  • Statistics
  • Computing

Suggested Timetable for Application

Suggested Timetable for Application (for admission immediately upon graduation)

Freshman and Sophomore Years:

  • Take prerequisite coursework and maintain excellent academic standing
  • Begin volunteering in physical therapy settings

Fall of Junior Year:

  • Renew and establish contact with professors and physical therapy professionals for letters of recommendation.
  • Begin researching available programs at the APTA website.
  • Review academic progress to make sure prerequisites have either been completed or will be completed by expected entry date.
  • Start exploring financial aid resources.
  • Prepare for GRE General Test; submit your registration soon to take the Computer Based Exam.

Spring of Junior Year

  • Request your letters of recommendation
  • Students should contact a pre-graduate advisor at the Career Center to discuss preparation and strategy for application.

Summer after Junior Year:

  • Take the GRE General Test.
  • Obtain applications for Schools of Physical Therapy; early application is advised.

Fall of Senior Year

  • Consult with a graduate advisor on preparing application
  • Begin application to schools and colleges of physical therapy. Early application is strongly advised.

Spring of Senior Year

  • Interviews are completed
  • Decision processes and timelines vary; notification may begin in March

Last Updated: 05/21/2014