NCE Test Also Known As The NCBTMB Test

National Certification Exam for Massage Therapists

The National Certification Board has set the passing score for the National Certification Examination for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork at a scaled score of 300.


The passing score was established via a systematic procedure (Cut-score Study) that employed the judgment of a representative group of national certified therapeutic massage and bodywork professionals from across the country. This group of NCTMB’s recommended to the NCBTMB Board of Directors a standard of what a NCE candidate needs to know about the tested content at a minimum in order to obtain the certificate, and a passing score. The NCBTMB Board of Directors decided what the passing score is.

A scale score is a transformed raw test score (the number of test questions answered correctly). The raw score has been transformed into other measurement units, a scale score, - something like transforming height (a test performance) from centimeters (a raw score) into inches (a scale score). To interpret any test score, a uniform frame of reference is required. Scale scores provide that frame of reference based on the standard adopted by the NCBTMB of the amount of knowledge necessary to receive the NCTMB certification designation for this profession without regard to the specific test form or version taken. A scale score of at least 300 is required to obtain certification; scale scores range from a low score of 100 to a high score of 600.

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Last Updated: 05/21/2014