Dental Assistant

Dental assistants (DAs) assist dental operators in providing clinical patient care and dental education. As members of the dental team they contribute to delivering dental care to patients. Their duties include preparing, maintaining and managing care delivery environments, recording dental examinations and managing an adequate supply and rotation of clinic store items. DAs prepare and provide equipment, dental materials and instruments for each patient according to treatment needs and are responsible for sterilization and maintenance of dental instruments and equipment.

Dental Assistant

DAs are often responsible for the general administrative duties of dental clinics and may undertake activities such as recording of dental charts as well as service delivery tasks including arranging and recording patient appointments, assisting with inquiries and assisting with cash collection.

DAs work with dentists, dental therapists and dental auxiliaries, primary and secondary school staff, clinic coordinators and practice managers as well as patients and careers.

They work in private and public dental clinics, in schools, universities, community clinics, mobile dental vans, hospitals and institutions such as residential care facilities and custodial settings.

Dental Assistant Jobs

Last Updated: 05/21/2014